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暖茶氤氳,《Madama Butterfly》的旋律如蝶振翅似遠忽近,書籍隨意錯落,滿室晴光熠熠流爛,赤足,輕盈點地如光漫遊,閱讀、交談、或靜默拾筆尋色描繪… …,直至琴鍵聲動,音律樂波擾了空氣靜謐,意識驀然抽回,心緒的無數倏忽躍動及夢境囈語都收納於內,那存在記憶裏的啟蒙書房,與其中臆想奇思、千絲萬縷的靈感線索。

做空間設計,是一種感覺的綜合,心相的展露。大塊設計DUMAS DESIGN GROUP創立於2010年,我們從事整體空間設計,提供由設計規劃、工程管理至維護修繕的全程服務,多年來,我們擁有擅於美學塑造的規劃設計團隊,以及專業嚴謹的施工團隊,提供住宅、商業空間、接待中心及樣品屋等空間的規劃整合服務,以全方位的規劃及鑑賞能力,與業主共同創造更美好的生活空間與生命情境。

Incepted in 2010, Dumas design is a group of highly professional design team specializing in interior design, space planning and project management for residential, commercial and corporate office projects. We expect life displayed in an esthetics way.

Meaning interior design not only can satisfy our sense of beauty, it also portrays one’s attitude and respect toward life. We provide a range of service delivery to meet the unique requirements of each individual and corporation. Tuned to your specifications, we offer our clients a full range of Interior Design Services including : Design consultations, Space Planning, Lighting Plans ,Collocation of material , Furniture Selections and Detail design of oner’s personal style and image.